We want to congratulate Ann Goldberg as she has been selected by West Point Grey Academy as the 2013-2014 Artist in Residence. Last year's AIR was Michael Abraham. 

It will be exciting to see what inspiration the students of the academy take from Ann's beautiful work. Ann will begin her residency this fall. The students from WPGA will be invited to visit her studio and she will be giving two workshops as well. In April, 2014, Ann will also be the guest speaker at the Academy's Visual Arts Show.

We are very much looking forward to exhibiting Ann's work this coming June at Winsor Gallery.
This upcoming exhibition is anchored around the idea of Eden, and the historic themes of beauty, decadence,  innocence, and sin that accompany it. Goldberg has created a new body of work especially for this opening, and will be re-contextualizing older works in this exhibition as well. Below you will find a selection of three works that will be on exhibit at Winsor this June. 

Congratulations Ann!

Ann Goldberg

Winsor Gallery
June 13 - July 13
M&K, 2012, oil on canvas, Ann Goldberg
Shoes, 2012, oil on canvas, Ann Goldberg
Cathedral Grove, 2012, oil on canvas, Ann Goldberg