If you are in Calgary some time in the next week or so, we recommend you to check out WRECK CITY. WRECK CITY is a playful comment on the demolitions frequently happening in the city of Calgary. A group of artist-curators have come together to host an exhibition in nine houses, three garages and a greenhouse waiting to be demolished. The project features over 100 participating artists, musicians and performers. As these houses are slated for demolition, there is complete creative freedom in the creative process!

WRECK CITY is almost entirely self-financed by the artists and they are looking for donations and volunteers to help out. If you are interested in helping out, visit here and find out how.

Here are some examples of what artists are doing with these spaces:

The greenhouse has been turned into a tree house:

And for the rest, go check it out yourself between April 19th and April 27th!