Congratulations to Matt Shane for being a Bronfman Fellowship contender, he seems to be up against some serious competition, we wish him the best of luck in this, and in his transition from Student to Artist.
Seven Concordia master's students graduating in June 2013 are in the running for a prestigious - and generous - award that will help the recipient transition from student to full-time artist. 

The Claudine and Stephen Bronfman Fellowship in Contemporary Art, announced in 2009, supports the most promising new graduates as they develop their professional practice, broaden their teaching experience, and undertake and exhibit their research/creation.  Awarded annually, one fellowship is conducted through the Faculty of Fine Arts at Concordia University and another through the Faculté des arts at UQAM. Valued at approximately $55,000 each, the fellowships take effect from June 2013.

Concordia's 2011 laureate, Pavitra Wickramasinghe, will be culminating her fellowship with an exhibition at the FOFA Gallery from April 15 to May 24, 2013.

Six of this year's shortlisted artists will leave with an MFA in Studio Arts while one will earn an MA in the Individualized Program. They'll all have to hold their breath until May 22, 2013, when the recipients for both universities will be officially announced.

Introducing Concordia's seven finalists (click each thumbnail to see full image):

Basanta 12_Contour_studio1[1]-web.jpgAdam Basanta, MA INDI 
Formally trained in contemporary music composition, Basanta's current practice in audiovisual installations operates at the intersection of visual arts, media arts and architectural design, representing an attempt to integrate his skills in time-based art within a wider immersive and experiential context. His work often addresses perceptual relations between visual and auditory media and the construction of space.
Image: Contour (for a hallway), materials: 12 computer-controlled incandescent light bulbs, 12 channel sound, custom software. Photo by Fredrik Gran

Butler 01-web.jpgDavid Butler, MFA Studio Arts (Sculpture) 
Much of Butler's work examines the processes of decay, fragmentation and collapse as they relate to emerging technologies. The concept of ruin as a symbol of material permanence seems antithetical to the ephemeral qualities of digital production; in his work, he has used the laser scanner and 3D printer to digitize objects and render them back as physical artifacts.
Image: Anonymous1, 3d print (plaster dust and resin), 8" x 3.5" x 1.5"

Carrier 21parcours12-web.jpgJacynthe Carrier, MFA Studio Arts (Photography) 
Carrier employs photography and video to examine the different relationships between the body and the environment. She explores landscape, both urban and rural, as an area to tame, a territory to recreate, a place of the "still-possible". She develops contemporary allegories, stories that bring mythologies - personal and every day, popular and shared - in an attempt to re-appropriate a certain portion of the place.
Image: Souffle from the series Parcours, ink jet print, 97 cm x 99 cm, 2012

Cherniack Bronfman-web.jpgJennifer Cherniack, MFA Studio Arts
(Open Media) 

Jennifer Cherniack looks at the symbiotic relationship between entertainment culture and contemporary art, with the intention of shifting both the value and interpretation of each. Her projects are developed using pre-existing data such as an entire television series, song lyrics, and written texts which she treat as databases to find discrepancies, subtexts, and different ways to look at how these cultural entities can function. 
ImageThe One With All the Posters (1 of 12), 24 x 36 inch ink jet poster printed on archival bond paper, 2013.

Perreault 006-web.jpgMelanie Perreault, MFA Studio Arts
(Open Media)

Perreault often dreams of being able to keep everything she's ever enjoyed: the vibrant lime images of Japanese moss, the texture of polished wood on bare feet, even a luscious aroma. Using pre-used material, for their history as much as eco-friendliness, her installations represent an attempt to save and savour both the tangible and intangible.
Image: Grey Project 4.8, mixed-media installation: scavenged confidential documents, bodypaint, fabric, paperclips, borrowed chewing-gum, 2011

SHANE.M_02-web.jpgMatt Shane, MFA Studio Arts (Painting and Drawing) 
Shane's artistic practice falls into two separate channels: landscape painting and collaborative installation.  His pictorial worlds are active grounds, full of tension and opposition. Binary forces of growth and decay, construction and destruction all clash and fuse on the canvas.
Image: Observation Area, oil on canvas, 20 ft. x 8 ft, 2012 

Waldron 04 web.jpgKim Waldron, MFA Studio Arts (Photography) 
Waldron's photographic practice examines how reality is constructed through mediated imagery. The conceptual framework of her art practice is based on the boundary that defines reality and fiction. Not only is self-representation an integral component of her work, the contexts she uses to create these narratives are equally as important.
Image: Installation of Animal Heads in the exhibition La Colonie
Deschambault-Grondines, 2010