Opening on April 20th at the Museum of Anthropology is an interesting exhibition, Safar/Voyage. It is the first major exhibition of contemporary art by Arab, Iranian and Turkish artists to be shown in Vancouver. (Definitely worth seeing!) The exhibition presents work from 16 artists who are defining themselves and the world around them according to their own creative representations rather than the borders in their cultural heritages.

Quoting MOA's description of the exhibition:

"Wrapping the globe, their diverse artworks speak to the universal theme of voyage (a translation of the Persian safar), from the external and geographical to the internal, emotional, and existential. They acknowledge the realities of political turmoil and revolution, and how politics frames both trauma and desire, whether individual or collective. Voyage is seen to take many forms. Expressed in media ranging from painting, sculpture, and video installation to performance and a carpet, it is as innocuous as tourism (with a twist), as disturbing as war—the violent crossing of borders—and as philosophical as the transience of life. The artists of Safar/Voyage are positioned as our guides, their visions mined for reflections on some of the most urgent issues of our time."

The exhibition runs from April 20th to September 15th, 2013. In conjunction with the exhibition, the museum will hold a three-day public discussion, MOA Global Dialogue, on Nomadic aesthetics and the Importance of Place as well as artist talks, film screenings, lectures, performances etc. In addition, they will have a book, Safar/Voyage: Contemporary Works by Arab, Iranian and Turkish Artists, available for purchase at the MOA shop