Self Portrait, 1963-1964
acrylic  and silkscreen ink on linen, each panel is 20 x 16”
Andy Warhol
image courtesy of the artmarketmonitor.com

Today's Portrait Monday is brought to you by Winsor Gallery's Belinda Siu, and Andy Warhol.

This is a brilliant four paneled silkscreen painting self-portrait inspired by photographs from the photo booths.  These were created at the height of Warhol's career. Here he continues his cultivation of celebrity.    Wearing  a trench coat, sunglasses, and an expressionless face, he gives away nothing, except the image of himself.  Warhol plays on the desire of the viewer to see more of the image through repetition, whilst  increasing  that emotion by suggesting that there is more through his disguise.
Estimated at thirty million dollars, Andy Warhol’s first self-portrait was sold by Christie’s of New York in May 2011 for $38, 442, 500.