Edgar Leeteg
This Portrait Monday is brought to you by Edgar Leeteg, springtime, and the fact that we still miss The Waldorf.

When a man named Bob Mills returned from his Honolulu vacation with eight black velvet paintings by Edgar Leeteg, building Vancouver's most iconic tiki bar may have been the last thing on his mind. However, when his wife declared them unfit for display in the family home, they became the driving inspiration behind the construction of Waldorf Hotel.

With longer days and more sunshine on the horizon, it's hard not to miss the Waldorf's incredible cultural programming, lazy Food Truck Sundays, and warm, sunny patio. But lest we get too nostalgic, we've got to  remember that there are many other awesome venues in the city worth our patronage, and a collaboration between the Waldorf team (now dubbed Arrival Vancouver) and the Rickshaw's David Duprey and Rachael Zottenberg will give us The Fox in the fall.