Repeat visits to Winsor Gallery this Spring and Summer are a must as we will feature three different exhibitions from with three exquisite painters:

Vitaly Medvedovsky - April 11-May 5
Vitaly Medvedovsky is a Ukraine-born, Russian-speaking artist whose paintings "are an attempt to construct imaginary spaces that intertwine autobiographical elements with references to history and mythology, as a way of dealing with issues of memory and displacement". 

Bradley Harms - May 9-June 8
Bradley Harms has exhibited his paintings world-wide and in his work wants to address the way we perceive paintings. Harms' paintings are "building upon traditions within the medium, while creating work that both reflects and critiques contemporary social and technological developments".

Ann Goldberg - June 13 - July 12
Ann Goldberg is interested in analyzing beauty through her art. If she sees beauty, she will "capture and transform it immediately through the eye of a camera. She then paints the essence of what she has captured and through her painting is able to analyze it using the media of old (oil painting) and new (photography)".