Maskull Lasserre is a Canadian artist born in 1978. He mainly works in sculpture and drawing and his work has been described on the Pierre-Fran├žois Ouellette Art Contemporain's website to be exploring "the unexpected potential of the everyday through allegories of value, expectation, and utility". He currently lives and works in Montreal.

Lasserre's works are incorporated with a lot of humour, one that is most successful in his Outliers series. Imagine walking to work in the morning, eyes still half-closed and seeing caribou prints on the ground! That might wake you up quickly..

Outliers, 2012
Outliers, 2012
Outliers, 2012
Outliers, 2012
Outliers, 2012

We're advocates for interactive artwork and had we been in Montreal last year, we would have definitely visited this show. Talk about letting your inner beast roam free!

His drawings are just as impressive as his sculptures.

Back in 2006 he made a drawing of grass and installed a fan in front of the two pieces of paper to give the impression of the grass blowing.

Landscape with a Breeze, 2006

In 2009, he made a drawing on the sanded edges of compressed newspapers.

Vanishing Point, 2009

Vanishing point, 2009
Find more of his amazing sculptures and drawings on his website.