Today's Portrait Monday is brought to you by Soren Dahlgaard and Winsor Gallery's Erika Anette.

Soren Dahlgaard is a Danish multi-media artist who has traveled for the past seven years around the world making photographs of people with dough on their heads. The subjects were allowed to sculpt the dough before the photograph was made (although in many cases, who can tell?!). 

Dahlgaard has explained his series saying: "Dough and bread are universal. They are things we can all relate to. We know how it is made, how it feels to touch it, but when it appears in art, it can be difficult to place. It wakes people's curiosity."

It sure has awakened my curiosity. Not only for the visual end result but for the interactive pre-photograph part. People have been called out and they have willingly taken part in a project that involves having a chunk of dough placed on their heads. That in itself is enough for me to find this project appealing! What a way to reach out into the community.