There is a very interesting Roundtable coming up in Vancouver in May that we wanted to share, one of these events will also be hosted at Winsor Gallery, more news on that coming in the not so distant future. 

"A Biocultural Hinge: Theorizing Affect and Emotion Across Disciplines" is a Peter Wall Foundation Roundtable organized by an Associate Professor of English at UBC, Adam Frank, and Shelly Rosenblum, the Curator of Academic Programs, Morris and Helen Belkin Gallery, UBC. The event will run from May 1st to the 4th.

The Roundtable invites an international group of researchers and practitioners to explore theories of emotion from the perspectives of their own disciplines and of one another's. The goal of it is to spark new approaches to our fundamental quality of human (and other animal) experience. They will address questions such as:

-How do various disciplines define emotion, whether in terms of subjective feeling, observable psycho-physiological state, neurobiological process or event, discursive entity, or aesthetic means or end?
-How might these definitions intersect or fail to intersect with one another?
-Can any existing theory of emotion accommodate these definitions?

Currently the list of participants include the following:
     Robert Brain (History, UBC) 
     Dana Claxton (Art History, Visual Art, and Theory, UBC) 
     Paul Griffiths (Philosophy, University of Sydney) 
     Alexandra Harrison (Psychiatry, Harvard) 
     David Metzer (School of Music, UBC)
     Rebecca Todd (Psychology, University of Toronto) 
     Jessica Tracy (Psychology, UBC) 
     Elizabeth Wilson (Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Emory)
     Allan Young (Social Studies of Medicine, McGill University)

We, here at Winsor, are very much looking forward to it! In conjunction with the Roundtable, there are three public events happening which you should definitely check out:

The first one is on May 1st at UBC with an innovative and bold pianist, Rachel Iwaasa, who will be playing Mozart and Beethoven.
The second event is the Exhibition Opening for the Masters of Fine Arts at the Morris and Helen Belkin Gallery.
The third event is a concert staging and interactive workshop takes place at the Western Front on May 3rd.

For more information, click here.