Daniel Horowitz, Drawing of the Day 203, 2012
Today's Portrait Monday is brought to you by Daniel Horowitz and Winsor Gallery's Alex Quicho. 

From an article on It's Nice That by Anna Trench:

"Phallic carpet snakes, fish-headed maids and electric blue intestines all feature heavily in Daniel Horowitz’s 365, the project in which he made a drawing a day for a year. His surreal creations are witty, disgusting and guaranteed to make you question your own free association. There’s lots of sex, skeletons and, fittingly, Rorschach tests.

Through a mixture of collage and paint, Horowitz transforms scraps of paper and old photographs into fantastic things. He might show an animal’s infrared foetus complete with umbilical cord, or a buxom woman squished naked into a Victorian carriage. Maybe he’ll shove a gorilla head on a girl or copulating blue and red blobs on a tandem bicycle. He replaces faces with squiggly multicoloured worms and adds blood-sucking rodents to golden ringlets.

In his other work, the New York-based artist nails the text and image relationship, producing pithy editorial illustrations and some brilliant book covers. He’s already got going on a project to illustrate every page of Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita. Go have a wander through his drawings, imagination in all its sick pleasure is there."