Last couple of days to check out Project 35 at the Esker Foundation in Calgary! Exhibition closes on the 5th of January.

Vartan AvakianShortWave/LongWave 2009
Single channel colour video with sound
7 mins 15 secs

Project 35 is an exciting and evolving exhibition of video works selected by 35 international curators, each of whom has chosen a work she/he considers vital for contemporary art audiences across the globe. Work featured is from places as varied as Columbia, the Congo, and the Phillppines. This project demonstrates the extent to which video is now one of the most important far-reaching mediums for contemporary artists. 

The Esker Foundation will present the project in four chapters. Each chapter features 8-9 videos.  
Chapter 4 is featured throughout the months of December 2012 and January 2013: 

Artists Featured in Chapter 4:

Ulla Von Brandenburg (Germany/France)
Elodie Pong (Switzerland)
Chto delat/What is to be done? (Russia)
Chen Chieh-jen (Taiwan)
Manon de Boer (The Netherlands/Belgium)
Angela Detanico & Rafael Lain (Brazil)
Nestor Kruger (Canada)
Vartan Avakian (Lebanon)
Tamar Guimarães (Brazil/Denmark)

Tamar Guimaraes, Untitled (Canoas) 2010
16mm transferred to colour video with sound
13 mins.

  • Mai Abu ElDahab, Magali Arriola  |  
  • Ruth Auerbach  |  
  • Lars Bang Larsen  |  
  • Zoe Butt  |  
  • Yane Calovski  |  
  • Amy Cheng  |  
  • Ana Paula Cohen  |  
  • Joselina Cruz  |  
  • Sergio Edelsztein  |  
  • Charles Esche  |  
  • Lauri Firstenberg  |  
  • Alexie Glass-Kantor  |  
  • Julieta Gonzalez  |  
  • Anthony Huberman  |  
  • Mami Kataoka  |  
  • Constance M Lewallen  |  
  • Lu Jie  |  
  • Raimundas Malasauskas  |  
  • Francesco Manacorda  |  
  • Chus Martinez  |  
  • Viktor Misiano  |  
  • David Moos  |  
  • Deeksha Nath  |  
  • Simon Njami  |  
  • Hans Ulrich Obrist  |  
  • Jack Persekian  |  
  • José Roca  |  
  • Bisi Silva  |  
  • Franklin Sirmans  |  
  • Kathryn Smith  |  
  • Susan Sollins  |  
  • Mirjam Varadinis  |  
  • WHW  |  
  • Weng Choy Lee

Project 35 is a traveling exhibition produced by Independent Curators International (ICI), New York. The exhibition is made possible, in part, by grants from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual
Arts, The Cowles Charitable Trust, Foundation for Contemporary Art, The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation, and the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation; the ICI Board of Trustees; and donors to ICI's Access Fund.


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Since 2010, 15 ICI exhibitions have been presented by 70 venues in 23 countries profiling the work of over 370 artists worldwide; 110 curators and artists from the U.S and abroad have contributed to ICI's talks programs, online journal, and conferences; and 121 curators from 24 countries and 14 U.S. states have participated in the Curatorial Intensives, ICI's short-course professional training programs.