Congratulations to the Hawksworth on their Golden Plates Awards and Nominations. They were nominated in 6 categories total including Best Interior Design. The Rosewood Hotel Georgia is renown for their elaborate and innovative interior design. Frequently featured in magazine shoots, fashion shoots and so on. Their Art Collection is Amazing, definitely worth checking out if you have an afternoon to kill. Make a trip before heading to the Vancouver Art Gallery. Well worth it!


Whilst you are out dining at the Hawksworth, be sure to check out Brian Boulton's stunning graphite drawing of Master Chef David Hawksworth. This portrait was rendered by hand, it is not a photograph, beleive it or not, the detail is mesmerising. Brian Boulton was commissioned to create this work on the occaision of the opening of the restaurant. Congratulations again to David and his team at the Hawksworth, the awards and nominations are well deserved!

David Hawksworth, by Brian Boulton, 28 x 22", 2010, graphite on paper