Emily Carr Great Northern Way Campus from Emily Carr University on Vimeo.

As one of Canada's most prestigious and fastest-growing art schools, Emily Carr is finally making a well-deserved move to a new campus. Its new location on Great Northern Way will join its existing Centre for Digital Media, and provide more space, cutting-edge facilities, and better access for its rapidly expanding student population.

According to the school's press release, its new campus will allow it to further enhance its capacity to create cross-disciplinary dialogue, as the school's prestige rests on its forward-looking contemporary art and design programs. This move marks a great day for British Columbia's creative communities, and demonstrates the province's renewed interest in supporting its creative economy, which is projected to generate "$793.1 million in GDP/year by 2030."1

The creation of a larger, more competitive ECUAD is sure to enhance its students' existing talent and abilities, and create new local and international connections. All in all, this is great news for the future of Vancouver's creative clout, not to mention we are very excited that we will have the footfall of many young talents at the gallery as we are right around the corner. Exciting times indeed!