Winsor Gallery was one of the galleries featured in a recent Sun Article that talks about galleries migrating from South Granville out near East 1st. Here is a sample of the article and a link to it.

Bobby Anthony carries this work by David Wilson among the debris as crews put the finishing touches on the Wilson gallery.

Photograph by: Stuart Davis , VANCOUVER SUN

The fledgling art district around Main and First is about to get a lot bigger, as the Winsor and Monte Clark galleries move over from Granville Street.

The Winsor Gallery plans to open at 158 East First next week, pending city permits, while Clark should open in January at 525 Great Northern Way. Winsor is next door to the Catriona Jeffries Gallery, while Clark is beside the Equinox Gallery.

Asked if the neighbourhood is developing into an art zone, Jennifer Winsor said, “100 per cent.”
“There’s a lot of (art districts) in the world that created a great benchmark, a blueprint for us,” said Winsor, who started her gallery on Howe Street before moving to Granville’s gallery row five years ago.
“Chelsea (in New York), areas in London. We’ve historically been on Granville, (but) the rents there are prohibitive for owner-operated businesses like ours.”

Winsor declined to say how much she’s paying in rent, but said it’s one-seventh what she was paying for a similar 7,000 sq. ft. space on Granville. “It’s a monumental difference,” she said.

“We have a space that’s comparable in size to what we had on Granville, but it’s a better combination of warehousing and exhibit space. It just works better, from all points of view. Parking was always an issue on Granville; we don’t have that problem here.”

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