Catherine Andrews
BBBBB, 2012
Graphite on paper
35.5 x 43 cm
Today's Portrait Monday is brought to you by Catherine Andrews and Winsor Gallery's Alex M. F. Quicho.

Andrews' work is whimsical, dynamic, and characterized by a fluidity of line that nearly drives me to tears of jealousy. I spoke to Cate about her process, and she put her thoughts into words much more eloquently than I could:
Image making is rarely a conscious process. It feels more akin to pulling something that was already in existence into sight; I feel more like a conduit than a creator. My work is highly charged in personal energy and emotion, but it is an unconscious and intuitive channeling that leaves me as disconnected from my work as any viewer would be. I make things that are visually exciting, or are simply beautiful to me. I'm influenced by things like engaging shapes, colours, and marks, physical activity, the natural world, and I take joy in capturing the minute and subtle human gestures normally lost to casual observation.
This piece is a self-portrait that was part of a series of portraits made for a show, 'All in a Days Work: The Oregon Worker', in Tillamook, Oregon.