Etienne Viard, Construction
treated steel

Etienne Viard, Nogus
treated steel
170 x 140 x 35 cm, 2010

Etienne Viard, 6 Lames Verticales
treated steel
270 x 60 x 50 cm, 2010 

We will soon be installing three large Etienne Viard works onsite at 258 East 1st Avenue! Originally a ceramicist, Etienne soon found his calling in more raw and challenging material. The work is simultaneously harmonious and discordant, and born of a complex process of maquette-making and material experimentation before the steel sheets are sliced and cold-formed with precision. 

Etienne’s sculptures exist without traditional and formal sculptural bases. Meant to be viewed outdoors, these larger works seek to find equilibrium between vertical and horizontal elements by incorporating light, shadow, and natural occurrences of similar forms in their surroundings into the works' visual and tactile experience. 

Currently living and working in France, Etienne's work has been exhibited in America, Germany, France and Belgium. We are very happy to have these works up and available for public viewing -- they really are a thing to be experienced firsthand.