Headed to North Vancouver anytime soon? You should make the trip. There is a great place newly opened called the Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art:

The Artists for Kids collection has moved to a new site at 2121 Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver. The new purpose built facility features 4,000 square feet of exhibition space as well as studios for student programs. Visit our new space to view masterworks from the Artists for Kids teaching collection Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 12:00 to 5:00pm. The gallery will house the Artists for Kids collection made up of nearly 500 contemporary works by visual artists like Jack Shadbolt, Robert Davidson, E.J.Hughes, and Toni Onley. It is also one of the only gallery in Canada that is dedicated to young audiences. 

Here is a sampling of some of the works from the collection:

Robert Davidson
There is Light in Darkness
There is Light in Darkness
Artist: Robert Davidson
Title: "There is Light in Darkness"
four colour serigraph
image size 21" x 41"
edition of 100

sale price: $1500

The Print

Robert Davidson's newest print "There is Light in Darkness" is inspired by the artist's positive vision of finding the uplifting element even in the hardest of times. While the news can be full of dark and foreboding events it is imperative for us to maintain balance in our lives by focusing on the light. Robert has used a delicate balance of dark and light colours, shapes that can seem both strong and gentile to create the situation where one can find light in darkness.

Angela Grossmann
etching with archival ink jet
printed on St. Armand handmade rag paper by New Leaf Editions
edition 45, 5 artist's proofs, signed and numbered by the artist
paper size: 121.5 x 81cm, 50 x 38.5"
released October, 2008

sale price: $1800

The Print

The etching "Confetti" depicts Grossmann's ongoing interest in combining photographic images with markmaking. The work is an honest, fresh metaphor to the challenges inherent with coming of age. The two companions emerge with youthful confidence ready to take on life. Her use of handmade paper with traditional and contemporary printmaking media adds strength to the image. "Confetti" is certainly Grossmann at her very best.

Kenojuak Ashevak
Spring Vision
Spring Vision
4 colour stonecut print
edition 50, 5 artist's proofs, signed by the artist
printed by Qiatsuq Niviaqsi, Kinngait Studios, Cape Dorset, Nunavut
printed on Kozo Kizuki 100% rice paper
50 x 62 cm. (19.5 x 26")
released March, 2008

Alan Wood
Beach Walk
Beach Walk
22 colour woodcut, 40.5 x 88.7 cm. (16 x 35")
printed on Arches 100% rag paper
edition of 100, 10 artist's proofs
signed and numbered by the artist
available November, 1992

sale price: $600

The Print

The woodcut "Beach Walk" shows Alan Wood's affinity to the changing moods of the west coast sky and ocean combined with his bold sense of design and belief in honesty of process. The swirling shield shapes portray the constant energy of the beach caught between the seemingly chaotic build-up of beach debris. The rich surface and colour of the shapes in this intaglio/relief print also conveys the ever changing light quality of this time-lapse memory of a Gulf Island beach. Alan Wood has meshed the forces of the west coast beach with his senses in this rich horizontal composition.

Guido Molinari
Blue Quantifier #25
Blue Quantifier #25
4 colour serigraph, 101.5 x 66 cm. (40 x 26")
printed on 100% rag paper
a limited number of artists proofs available
signed and numbered by the artist
released October, 1993

sale price: $2000

The Print

The four colour serigraph "Blue Quantifier #25" is a classic Molinari image developed in the nineties. His consistent quest with minimal abstraction is best described as emotional and created through memory. It does not relate to any object, but rather to the pure unconscious perception of space and colour as a whole. The blue vertical shapes create an illusion of both depth and movement that can draw the viewer to an inner space. (if allowed) As Molinari has stated "Art is essentially about the memory and that is necessarily something which deals with how we encode experience and how that experience can be relived."