Jock Mooney, Bonnie Tyler 
acrylic and ink on card
29.7 x 21 cm

Today's Portrait Monday is brought to you by Jock Mooney and Sunshine Frere!

In the words of Jock Mooney himself: "My drawings and paintings are deeply important to my practice. Recent collaged drawings comprise hundreds (if not thousands) of hand drawn elements. The fact that these could easily be xeroxed, and the production time dramatically reduced, does not interest me. In my view this would cheapen the end product - the almost masochistic devotion to them forms an integral part of their appreciation. Visually, they are inspired by a combined obsession for Japanese prints, 1960’s underground comics and the Italian gialli genre of film-making. The latter also heavily informs their often deliberately convoluted, pompous titles."

Sunshine is a big fan of Jock's work, and is particularly fond of Bettie Davis Eyes!