Fiona Ackerman, Everest (2012)
acrylic, oil, and spray paint on canvas
180 x 90 cm

As we may have mentioned, Fiona Ackerman's exhibition at Gallery Claus Steinroetter in Munster opened last week. Expeditions Through The Mirror incorporates a series of 15 recent works by Fiona that, in their characteristic play between realism and abstraction, coincidence and arrangement, call into question our ideas of deception and veracity in represented space.

In the 58-page colour catalogue, which is available to read online here, Christine Kremers-Lenz writes poignantly of the work's connection to Foucault's theories about heteropia, and considers Ackerman's position as a "designer of reality". As readers and viewers, we are made privy to Ackerman's world of placement and direction: Kremers-Lenz vividly describes Ackerman's studio space as an "experimental laboratory" in which both objects are created, arranged, put into strange relation with each other, and set down in paint.

For those of us not lucky enough to be spending winter in Germany right now, all the paintings in the exhibition can be viewed on Fiona's website. Fiona also mentioned that she will be sending some physical copies of the catalogue our way, so anyone interested in grabbing a copy of that should definitely drop by the gallery at the start of December.