Elizabeth Barnes
Still in Charge, 2012
acrylic on wood
60" x 60"
Elizabeth Barnes
The Beauty of Latency, 2012
acrylic on wood
60" x 72"

Showing now at Calgary's Herringer Kiss Gallery is a body of work by Winsor-represented artist Elizabeth Barnes.

Upon first glance, the work is precise and almost systematic, portioned off by strong lines and geometry. However, instead of being alienated by harsh, inhuman structures, viewers are welcomed in by a pervading warmth and sense of depth that vacillates throughout the work. The work itself draws parallels between science, technology (especially the process of digital rendering), and the practice of colour theory within painting. Of the works included in this show in particular, Ms. Barnes says:
"Where do you want to go today?" became the slogan for Microsoft from 1994 to 2002. This principle of limitless choice ushered in the virtual reality of the twenty-first century. The humanization of digital technology, combined with the proliferation of information, is changing our perception of who we are and how we live. The work in this exhibit is the culmination of a project by the artist to understand the embodied nature of this significant shift. Through a ritual process of self-imposed restrictions, involving the mediation of tape and observation of digital colour processing, the artist has simulated a reflexive condition referencing the past as well as the present and possible future. Colour acts as both data and energy, while the touch of the hand connects to our human core. The work asks the beholder to allow for meaning to become latent, latent in the sense of a time delay within the system, in turn, allowing for a holistic consideration of what it means to be human.
If you are in the Calgary area, this exhibition is not to be missed. Congratulations, Elizabeth!