Canada's oldest civic museum, the Winnipeg Art Gallery, is celebrating its hundredth year on the planet with a decadent, black-tie Centennial Ball to be held on October 20th. As part of the celebrations, there will be an auction of donated artworks, the proceeds of which will go to enriching the WAG's youth art education programs. Our own Dana Claxton will be donating an edition of her photographic work, Tatanka Wanbli Chekpa Wicincala (2006).

Dana Claxton, Tatanka Wanbli Chekpa Wicincala
5 photographs, edition 4 of 6
30" x 40"
About the work: With eyes opened, then closed, then with hair flying in their faces, twin girls hold stuffed representations of the animals which we see photographed in dismembered abstraction on either side. Claxton incorporates concise symbolic devices -- the buffalo and eagle, for example, symbolize power and trust in traditional Lakota culture -- to speak of a spiritual connection to nature that is retained even beyond our physical disconnect from natural spaces. Detailed views of each frame can be found below.

We would like to congratulate the WAG for 100 years of incredible exhibitions, and hope for many more to come.