Michael Audain (image courtesy of the Vancouver Sun)

A few days ago, the Vancouver Sun ran an article on Michael Audain's plans to create an art museum in Whistler. This is important news because, although Audain's extensive collection exists on loan to a myriad of venues from the Vancouver Art Gallery to the National Gallery of Canada, it does not have a permanent home. The venue in Whistler will fill this need, and create a cultural centre in Whistler village for international visitors and locals alike to get acquainted with significant works by Canadian artists.

Audain's plans stem from a desire to see "art being related to the landscape" that surrounds it; one can imagine his extensive collection of Emily Carr paintings benefiting from the museum's proposed woodland setting most clearly.

In addition to creating a home for his permanent collection, Audain also hopes that the museum will provide a venue for other curated exhibitions. Whistler Mayor Nancy Wilhelm-Morden has been enthusiastically backing Audain's plans as well, as the gallery will create more opportunity for cultural tourism in the area.