Matthew Barney
Drawing Restraint: Occidental Guest (groom), 2005
c-print in self-lubricating plastic frame
53" x 43" x 1.5"
Courtesy Gladstone Gallery, NY

Today's Portrait Monday is brought to you by the dark master Matthew Barney, and Winsor Gallery's Belinda Siu!

Matthew Barney's body of work is nauseating, disorienting, and deeply complex. It is a total experience of loaded materiality, winding narrative, obscured symbols, and pure, disturbing terror. This self-portrait of the artist as an Occidental Guest is linked directly to the film component of his Drawing Restraint 9 project, which is in fact a dark hive of activity that spans large-scale sculpture, photographs, drawings, and books. Intriguingly, Bjork is cast as the Occidental Guest (bride). She also composed the film's haunting soundtrack, which largely features the Japanese mouth organ playing of Mayumi Miyata.