Visions of Enlightenment

Buddhist Art at MOA
May 10-Oct 08, 2012, The O'Brian Gallery, MOA
There is still time for enlightenment: Visit the Museum of Anthropology's Visions of Enlightenment  Exhibition. In the words for the museum:

Works of art in the exhibition focus on basic Buddhist concepts and images, and reflect the purpose of Buddhist art: why it is made, who made it, for whom, and how it is used; for example, in teaching, facilitating meditation, gaining merit, and for devotional purposes. 

A range of media will be represented, including sculptures (made of stone, metal or lacquered wood) paintings, ceramics, manuscripts, and textiles. These will be drawn from MOA's Asian collection, as well as from private lenders in British Columbia and from the collection of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.
Buddha, Multiversity Galleries, MOA. Photo credit: Chris Borchert photo

The exhibition is guest curated by Paula Swart, who has been associated with the Museum of Anthropology as Adjunct Curator (Asia) since 2009. She teaches in the University of Victoria Continuing Studies Department, and has lectured on National Geographic Society expeditions to Asia.
Additional curatorial advice is provided by Margo Palmer, current Director of the Canadian Society for Asian Arts. The Society promotes the arts and cultures of Asia through lectures, cultural events, exhibits, and educational programs. MOA Liaison curator is Dr. Carol E. Mayer, Curator Africa/Oceania. MOA Designer is Skooker Broome.
Visions of Enlightenment is organized by MOA, and supported in part by the Canadian Society of Asian Arts, Bank of Montreal, and Tung Lin Kok Yuen Canada Foundation. Media Sponsor is the Georgia Straight.