Winsor Gallery secures Patrick Hughes exhibit
 - coup for Vancouver gallery

VANCOUVER, September 10, 2012 – Winsor Gallery announced today it has secured an exhibit of renowned contemporary British artist Patrick Hughes’s works October 4 to November 10, 2012.

Hughes is famous for his three dimensional paintings that morph in front of the viewer’s eyes. The artist expertly paints libraries, streetscapes, galleries and landscapes, all with a perspective that literally shifts with the viewer as they move around the painting. His fall exhibit at Winsor Gallery is entitled Perspectivariations.

“Patrick’s work really needs to be seen live in order to be fully appreciated,” says gallery owner Jennifer Winsor.  “I love watching Winsor Gallery visitors encounter a Patrick Hughes painting for the first time – the experience never fails to invoke surprise and awe.  We are looking forward to introducing the works in this spectacular exhibition to Vancouver’s art community.”

About Patrick Hughes
Patrick Hughes lives and works in London. Widely recognized as one of the major painters of contemporary British art, he is also a designer, teacher and writer. His works are part of many public collections including: the British Library and the Tate Gallery, London; the Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow; The Deutsche Bibliotheek, Frankfurt and the Denver Art Museum. Hughes has exhibited in London and throughout Europe, South East Asia, America and Canada.

About Winsor Gallery
Winsor Gallery is dedicated to the promotion of distinctive Canadian and international contemporary art. The Gallery strives to ensure the long term development of its artists' careers, to support the emerging Vancouver art community, and to stimulate the engagement of its collectors. Working with painting, sculpture, photo-based and multi-media works, the Gallery offers an exciting program of solo and group exhibitions. Services include consulting, collection building and installation.


Patrick Hughes
27.5 x 69.25 x 9.5”, oil on board construction

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High View Communications
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