Coming up tomorrow: the Presentation House Gallery auction!

The star-studded line-up is an undeniably huge draw, and a night of fine dining, cocktails, and music chosen by none other than Stan Douglas is an added bonus. We are so excited about it, we have blogged about it already. Among the works up for auction are these three stunning pieces by Winsor Gallery artists Angela Grossmann, Dana Claxton, and Attila Richard Lukacs.

Angela Grossmann, Rose Dore
48" x 36.5"
oil on vellum
 "This exquisite painting was featured in Grossmann’s recent exhibition, The Future Is Female, of new paintings and photo collage works that focused on the female figure. Since the 1980s, she has produced a remarkable body of work concerned with the complexities of representing the human figure, often filtered through a feminist perspective. This delicate rendering of an enigmatic body floating in an indeterminate pink space suggests displacement and psychological vulnerability. The view from behind of this ghostly figure emphasizes the power dynamics implicit in the act of looking, a tension both underscored and leavened by Grossmann’s application of pigment. The figure simultaneously invites the desiring gaze of its viewer and dissembles; drawing attention back to its sketchiness and the sensuous flow of pigment over ground." --Presentation House Gallery

Dana Claxton, Aim #1
60" x 42"
c-print on archival paper
"This work belongs to a series of photographs that Dana Claxton took of documents from the FBI’s files on the American Indian Movement activist organization. These pictures highlight how much of the information in these files, deemed too sensitive for public release, has been redacted. As Claxton notes, the resulting swathes of blacked-out text take on abstract qualities in her enlargements produced through analogue means. The critique this work proposes is thus double-edged, pointing at once to a political regime of exclusion and discipline as well as the negation implied in modernist abstraction. Moving away from the narrative representations of her previous photographs, Claxton’s image amplifies the layered meanings in the found artifact, as well as the politics of representation. This poignant work is a powerful expression of Claxton’s ongoing concern with deconstructing how representations of First Nations are formed and commodified, both historically and in contemporary society." --Presentation House Gallery

Attila Richard Lukacs, Untitled
51 x 51 cm
bitumen on canvas
"One of Canada’s most renowned painters, Attila Lukacs’s artistic practice has always evolved and pushed the envelope. Often working with themes of sexuality and social deviance, his work has continually contested the social reception of art. Through a play of contrast colour that draws attention to perceptual experience, this seductive painting is a hazy gestural composition that suggests a haunting aura. Painted in 2010, this work was completed just before his critically acclaimed 2011 ‘grey’ series of gestural abstractions. As finessed and technically proficient as his earlier narrative paintings, these recent abstract works explore the fluid nature of the medium of painting within a static image. The intuitive movement, created through meticulous layering and decisive brush strokes speaks directly to Lukacs’s self-described ‘tantric’ ritualistic process." --Presentation House Gallery