This Portrait Monday was brought to you by the Surrey Art Gallery. 
We are very keen on their trio of exhibitions that is up and running as it is a triple shot of self-portraiture. The first of the exhibition series is titled: 

Scenes of Selves, Occasions for Ruses

Exhibition runs until December 16, 2012

Above is Carol Sawyer's 'Last Known Photo,' one of several artworks by
10 artists on display at the Surrey Art Gallery. 

In the era of status updates, photo sharing websites, and profile pictures, one’s image and therefore one’s identity presented to the world is more important, changeable, and multi-dimensional than ever before. Scenes of Selves, Occasions for Ruses features artworks by 10 artists in a wide variety of media – including drawing, painting, photography, and video – that explore the nature of self-identity at the beginning of the 21st century.
The artists are Jim Andrews, Eryne Donahue, David Horvitz, Roselina Hung, Suzy Lake, Elizabeth Milton, Pushpamala N and Clare Arni, Carol Sawyer, and Carrie Walker.

The second exhibition series in the trio is titled:

MIRROR MIRROR: a juried exhibition of self-portraits

Exhibition runs until November 18, 2012
The human image has an immediate appeal and resonates within us. Through self-portraits, an artist can explore physiognomy, personal identity and histories, as well as broader social issues. With the Arts Council of Surrey’s juried exhibition MIRROR MIRROR, 30 artists from across Metro Vancouver explore personal stories and societal concerns, through works ranging from conceptual to very intimate. With diverse media and approaches, some works present symbolic and metaphorical ideas, while humour and wit play a recurring role.
The artists in this exhibition are Joan Adams, Elizabeth Anderson, Holly Armishaw, Colleen Baran, Glenda Bartosh, Cathy Berg, Linda Bickerton-Ross, Lisa Chen, Brandur Coombs, Gregory Dawe, Sibeal Foyle, Kathleen Gaitt, Vivian Gerke, PollyGibbons, Thorsten Gohl, Grace Gordon-Collins, Susan Harmon, Elizabeth Hollick, Lindsay Ishihiro, Hanif Janmohamend, Melanie Lastoria, Kitty Leung, Ferdinand Maravilla, Mehran Modarres-Sadeghi, Carol Pan, Helga Parekh, Melissa Peacock, Linda Pearce, Silke Spodzieja, and Edward Westerhuis.

And the third in this triple hit Monday (to see the portraits you'll have to go visit the exhibition!):

Echoes of the Artist: Works from the Permanent Collection

Exhibition runs until December 16, 2012
Explores images in which artists creatively incorporate representations of themselves or aspects of their lives. The artists are Alberta Browne, Diana Burgoyne, Barbara Cole, Janieta Eyre, Marianne Forsythe, George Littlechild, Al McWilliams, David Neel, Al Neil, Joseph Plaskett, Drew Shaffer, Henry Tsang, and Jin-me Yoon.