Yayoi Kusama, Yellow Trees
Building wrap (installation view)
345 West 14th St, New York City

If you happen to be in New York City this year, be sure to check out Yayoi Kusama's public art installations.

Most famous for creating dizzyingly engulfing environments, Kusama has been commissioned by the Whitney Museum to clothe the scaffolding of their new home in the Meatpacking District. Called 'Yellow Trees', the piece's sinuous organic pattern contrasts sharply with the building's form, transforming it into a a fantastic, almost otherworldy entity. It is certainly a presence in the high-end Meatpacking District, though its effects are perhaps more decorative than disorienting.

Yayoi Kusama, Guidepost
Outdoor sculpture (installation view with artist)
Hudson River Park, Pier 45
Also on view is 'Guidepost', a playful park installation of organic shapes reminiscent of quintessential cartoon mushroom caps. Though Kusama herself is pictured taking a rest on her sculpture in a matching onesie, visitors are politely asked not to climb, sit, or play on the inviting shapes as they are more delicate than they appear.

Kusama is a personal favourite here at Winsor. Her groundbreaking installations are compelling, mysterious, and unreplicable, born of a true genius' compulsion. If you are curious about her life's work, or would like to see more images, you can have a look at her official website here.