With the SWARM on the horizon, our events calendar is filling up!

To kick things off, opening on September 6th at VIVO Media Arts Centre is a major exhibition of collaborative works by Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak.

From the event description:
"Curated by Paul Wong, The Long Time is a major exhibition of 21st century art by Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak in video, photography and installation. The exhibition includes "...bump in the night" (Vancouver edition), "Becoming…", "The Miniatures", a series of video objects, and the premiere of "before I wake…", the trilogy that has been in progress since 2000. 

Steele and Tomczak, ...bump in the night, Barrie 2010
Large-format photograph
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The multi-screen installation brings together for first time the long-awaited video components “We’re Getting Younger All The Time”, “Practicing Death” and “Entranced”. This monumental love story, central to the exhibition, searches for the fountain of youth, surrenders to the idea of eternal sleep and crosses the threshold of the hereafter. It is poignant, chilling and deeply personal. Join us for the premier of "Before I wake…", the trilogy that has been in progress since 2000. The final segment "Entranced" (2012) has been commissioned by On Main and completes this epic journey to the other side."

This is an event that is not to be missed -- and an afterparty ensures that great things will keep on happening. Check out the Facebook event page here.