We would like to extend a congratulations to Lyndl Hall for her recent show, On Fixing Position, at the Burnaby Art Gallery -- which was, we daresay, a smashing success. Curated by Darrin Martens, the exhibition investigated links between drawing and geography. In its first part, a conceptual drawing, or architectural intervention, made physical the invisible lines of longitude and latitude. In its second part, an artist's book, based on an old Nautical Almanac, re-imagined the world with Vancouver instead of Greenwich as its Prime Meridian, and was accompanied by minimal sculptures of navigational tools. Its final part consisted of a looped video of home footage dating from the late 80s, of Hall's family garden in South Africa.  All of these aspects, separate and together, address in some way the way in which we orient ourselves and navigate the world around us.

Lyndl Hall49°14'29"N , 122°58'17"W (to describe space, to divide it, to name it)Wood, metal, chalk paint, chalk-lime, 2012
photo credit: Scott Massey for Lyndl Hall

You can find more images of the exhibition on Hall's personal website. Lyndl Hall was a contributing artist to our Emily Carr Award Winners Exhibition in 2010; we are very happy to learn about her continued successes.

On a similar note, be sure to make your way out to Burnaby Art Gallery's new exhibition, The Gaze, which runs from June 29th to August 26th.