David Vaisbord is on the vanguard of new media. His self-described "hyperlocal documentary filmmaking" takes a pluralistic approach to both storytelling and community involvement. By using a seamless combination of photo, video, web and mobile technologies, Vaisbord creates a new kind of documentary that is, in his own words, "local in nature, process oriented, community engaged, and connected to the public sphere through the web".

The Little Mountain project in particular is "a multi-layer, multi-year experiment in documentary filmmaking that will observe and record in detail the entire process of demolition, planning, and construction of the last major redevelopment project in the city of Vancouver: The redevelopment of The Little Mountain Housing Project".

In addition to its physical manifestation in the gallery, the project can be accessed online at the Little Mountain Project website. David is the winner of the Farris Award for Art & Social Media.

The Little Mountain Project, installation view at ECUAD

The Little Mountain Project, postcard detail

The Little Mountain Project, video screen detail

The Little Mountain Project
Hybrid New Media: photo, video, web and mobile technologies
Isometric illustration of Little Mountain: Rafael Puyana
Sign Project design: Nayeli Jimenez