Jamasie Pitseolak
image courtesy of Grunt Gallery
Nicholas Galanin, Indian Petroglyph
16" carved stone petroglyph
image courtesy of Nicholas Galanin

Opening this Thursday, July 6th at Grunt Gallery:

Blizzard: Emerging Northern Artists looks at indigenous artists who are using their traditions to forge new ideas around contemporary art. The exhibition and publication, in development for over two years, looks at the influence of Inuit and Northern traditional art forms and how these are translated by a younger generation of artists whose roots are in the North. How does the landscape and context of the North influence the visions of its young artists and how do our interpretations of that dreaming-our preconceptions about the North-influence our understanding? Curated by Artist/Curator Tania Willard, whose recent curatorial project Beat Nation (co-curated with Kathleen Ritter) just closed at the Vancouver Art Gallery, BLIZZARD looks at a younger generation of Northern Artists schooled in the traditions of their artists families, but breaking barriers by questioning relationships that tie North and South. 

Participating artists:
  • Jamasie Pitseolak
  • Nicholas Galanin
  • Tanya Lukin Linklater
  • Geronimo Inutiq
  • In the Media Lab: Northern Haze, Living the Dream, 2011 (Director: Derek Aqqiaruq)