Winsor Gallery would like to welcome french sculptor Etienne Viard into the fold. Etienne produces large scale sculptures that have been commissioned throughout Europe, and now in Canada.

Viard originally started working as a ceramicist, but his complex temperament lead him to work with materials of a more raw and challenging nature. The artist’s work can be situated within the conceptual art realm of sculptors like Carl Andre or the minimalist works of Anthony Caro. Viard creates work that is simultaneously harmonious and discordant, providing viewers with an experience that is challenging and breathtaking. Each of Viard’s sculptures is born out of a complex process that includes multiple sketches, drafts, maquettes, and material experimentation. Thick steel sheets are then sliced, and cold-formed with a hyper-precision. The tension found in the work is further and directly reinforced by the fact that each piece of metal has its own precise set of limited malleable parameters. Viard’s sculptures exist without traditional and formal sculptural bases. Direct contact with the ground enables a close alignment to linear variations found directly within nature; trees, blades, layers, shadows... yet, Viard’s vertical lines along with direct sunlight and shadow, bring forth an expansive horizontal volume, and subsequently, equilibrium is achieved. Viard currently lives and works in France. His work has been exhibited in America, Germany, France and Belgium.