Paint Up #1, Dana Claxton, c-type print on archival paper, 2010

This portrait monday has been brought to you by Dana Claxton.

I am curious about ideas that concern spirit, autonomy, beauty, transformation and justice through the use of video, performance and photography. Currently, my new work considers land, especially in my home province of Saskatchewan and how macro views of the Plains landscape from ancient ceremonial sites can take the viewer to other places.

Other current interests include the use of ceremonial paint on the face and body and if I, through photography can return the gaze.

My 20 year inquiry into matters of justice, have brought me back to work that I began in New York in the late 1980’s with a new series AIM (American Indian Movement). This new photo series considers historical documents and recreates them, so they become almost abstract.


August 5th, 2010 - Dana Claxton