Winsor Gallery wanted to share the news of a new exhibition at Peter Robertson Gallery in Edmonton, William Anderson's new body of work (originally exhibited at Winsor in December) is travelling to Alberta for the month of May. Anderson's photographic work will be exhibited in tandem with Sheila Luck's paintings. If you are in Edmonton, make sure to visit the show! Compositionally, the works will most definitely have an interesting conversation with eachother in the space, one visitors will find most engaging.

Sheila Luck
Full Circle

Sheila Luck is a painter who has arrived.  Maturity can be seen immediately in her work.  The pictures resonate as direct, concise, and sincere.  Their power lies as much in what has been left out as by what has been put in.  This quest for clarity has brought her as she puts it, “full circle”; she recognizes continuity with her earliest works.  “I have distinct memories of certain paintings from my student days and here I am, years along, still painting those same pictures.  The drive to uncover the personally authentic is maddening but endlessly exciting.  There is the constant frustrated feeling of chasing one’s tail – like orbiting some planet that stays mysteriously shrouded in the dark.  Art History lends a false impression of inevitability, which is quite devoid in the artist’s studio.”

William Anderson
Out of Place

“These photographs are informed by my interest in the narrative of art, shifting cultural values, and a landscape that encompasses not only nature, but the fabricated places that cover it and butt up against it. They are an attempt to reveal the remarkable in the commonest of places.”
-William Anderson

Born in Edinburgh Scotland, William Anderson immigrated to Canada in 1975. After twenty-five years of using traditional photography methods, including Gum Bichromate, Cyanotype, and Platinum printing, he now uses digital acquisition and printing methods. Anderson has appeared in PhotoLife and Exposure Magazines, and in 2009 attended MOMA New York’s Portfolio Review. In 2010, he mounted a public solo exhibition at the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies in Banff. His work is featured in private and public collections across the country, including the Calgary Civic Arts Collection, the Petro Canada Collection, and in the collection of the Canadian Ambassador to Czechoslovakia. Anderson currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia.