Coming soon....

Winsor Gallery is most pleased to present a new body of work by renown architect and artist Richard Henriquez.   This Exhibition will run from June 7 - 30th. The opening reception will be held on the 7th of June from 6-9pm. 

We would like to give you a sneak peak of what will be coming, below you will find some images of Henriquez's new work as well as an excerpt from an essay that was written to commemorate the exhibition by Howard Shubert titled:
Richard Henriquez: Mechanomorphic Dreams
 Like history Henriquez’s works are layered and complex. And like the remnants of history out of which he creates these works – old photographs, scraps of writing and newspapers, found objects – his sculptures and drawings can be both allusive and elusive. The found objects that Henriquez incorporates into his sculptures are inscrutable, revealing as much as they conceal. Found objects are random and lack context. Henriquez draws on those qualities in assembling them into surprising, evocative works, sometimes employing surreal juxtapositions to create what sculptor Geoffrey Smedley has called “an amalgam of measured objective facts and subjective experiences” that are “rich in unforced associative reasoning.” But these works still retain the essence of their constituent parts as witnesses to history. But what history and whose? If the historian tries to find clues and looks for patterns in the detritus of history, the artist has no such obligation. According to Geoffrey Smedley, Richard Henriquez is engaged in a “mytho-poetic” project, dealing in “poetically understood facts.” The tripod sculptures that Henriquez has been assembling for thirty years are a case in point.  - Howard Shubert

Dr. Cagliari,  Richard Henriquez, backlit digital print, 30 x 40", 2012

State Set for Unwritten Play, Richard Henriquez, mixed media, 31 x 38 x 60", 2012

The Trumpet, Richard Henriquez, mixed media, 18 x 18 x 62", (detail), 2012

Tower of Babel II, Richard Henriquez, 30 x 40" backlit digital print on acrylic, 2012

Tower of Babel I, Richard Henriquez, backlit digital print on acrylic, 30 x 40", 2012