We are embracing our feminine side this spring with exhibitions from respected artists Fiona Ackerman, Angela Grossmann, Gabryel Harrison and Emily Young.

Ackerman’s exhibit, Heterotopia, runs March 1 to April 1.  
Grossmann’s The Future is Female, from April 4 to May 6.  
Harrison and Young's joint exhibition runs from May 10 - June 3.

While Fiona Ackerman is an emerging artist and Angela Grossman has been established for more than 30 years, the two have much in common.   Both attended Montreal’s Concordia University and Vancouver’s Emily Carr University of Art and Design and both address in their artwork that change is the only constant.

“These two extraordinary artists incorporate physical and symbolic collage into their work in a very fresh and compelling way,” says gallery owner Jennifer Winsor.  “Fiona Ackerman’s new works feature simultaneous narratives taking place within each canvas and Angela Grossman’s new work pulls multiple narratives together, weaving them into a world where time never stops.  Winsor Gallery is delighted to showcase such strong and accomplished artists in back to back exhibits.”

Originally from Montreal, Fiona Ackerman is a painter living and working in Vancouver, BC.  Since completing her BFA through Concordia and ECIAD, Fiona has exhibited across Canada and in Europe (Germany & France). While Fiona’s work is diverse in style, it is deeply rooted in the practice of painting.  In shifting towards a new direction in her work, here is a preview of what Fiona has to say about her most recent work that is currently up at Winsor Gallery: "I am not a premeditative painter. During the last ten years, most if not all of my paintings started with a white canvas on the floor being mercilessly, deliberately defiled. Yet as I write this, I am concluding a body of work in which there has been very little room for accident. My approach has been delicate and calculated. Far from the days of destroying months of work in one whimsical splash from a bucket of white acrylic, these paintings evolved from strategy during afternoons spent with my nose up against oil paint, the last signs of life squeezed desperately from a select few favored brushes."

Grossmann attended Emily Carr in 1985 and was introduced as one of the Vancouver Art Gallery's "Young Romantic" (1985) painters most likely to influence the course of painting in that decade. After earning an MFA at Concordia University and teaching at Ottawa University, Angela Grossmann returned to Vancouver in 1996 to paint and teach at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. Over the past 20 years, Grossmann has continued to be a significant force in the Canadian art world.  Recent work of the artist emphasizes coming-of-age themes, social status fashion and identity. In her exhibition of new work entitled The Future is Female, Angela Grossmann investigates the female form and the ways in which girls and women are shaped by both deeply personal experiences and socially prescribed notions of female status, sexuality, femininity and conventional beauty.

Throughout the month of May, Gabryel Harrison and Emily Young will be showing new painting and sculptures, true masterpieces in ethereal beauty, stay tuned for updates and previews on works scheduled for this opening.

Gabryel Harrison was born in New Zealand, and now lives and works in Vancouver, B.C. She completed a Fine Arts Degree at the University of Ottawa in 1980, later fulfilling post-graduate requirements to become an art therapist in 1992. Working as an art therapist until 1996, and thereafter in the creative arts field, Harrison has devoted herself to paint full-time since 1999. Gabryel Harrison is an artist inspired by the common roots of painting and poetry, the rhythmic gesture from heart to line, the inspiration of image, metaphor and symbol. She looks to nature and botanical forms as well as to the historical tradition of vanitas paintings for her motifs and compositions. Her expressions are less about representation than illuminations of inner states of consciousness.

Join us here at the gallery for the exciting spring line-up! 

If you are interested in receiving more information on any of the artists listed in our spring schedule contact: sunshine@winsorgallery.com.