The Georgia Straight is a big fan of Beat Nation and so are we!

Baby Girlz Gotta Mustang, Dana Claxton


Beat Nation: Art, Hip Hop and Aboriginal Culture
(To June 3 at the Vancouver Art Gallery)
Urban youth culture meets First Nations identity in this exciting and highly political group show. Through a provocative range of street art and traditional media, including graffiti, comix, rap-style performance, sound art, painting, sculpture, and mixed-media installation, 27 artists demonstrate how hip-hop, skateboarding, music videos, fashion photography, and other pop-culture forms can be juxtaposed with treasured traditions (such as storytelling) and long-standing concerns (such as land rights and the preservation of original languages).
The Draw: In this survey of artists from across Canada and the United States, including Dana Claxton, Brian Jungen, Sonny Assu, Skeena Reece, and Nicholas Galanin, expect to see everything from neo-Native bustiers and carved wooden turntables to painted car hoods and live video remixes of Hollywood films.