Did anyone catch the latest episode of Once Upon A Time?

Chad Durnford's artwork, a painting titled Vitamins featured in their recent episode titled Hat Trick. Here are a couple of photos of the artwork in the mansion where the Mad Hatter plays out his his plot of forcing the Heroine to create a Hat that has the Magical Potential to transport people to other dimensions. It is a great episode full of twists and turns. The show features actors, Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Sebastian Stan. This series is filmed in Vancouver, you may recognize Deep Cove or Stanley Park, keep your eyes peeled! And check it out on Sundays on ABC.
Durnford's Painting: Vitamins, 2011, oil on canvas 
Chad Durnford's work hidden behind the closeup shot of Sebastian Stan

Spot the Durnford... on the fireplace mantle to the left of Jennifer Morrison