Winsor Gallery Group Show is on until January 29, 2012. 
We thought we would give you a daily highlight on some of the works in the show. 
Today's feature work is a trio of crystal works by John Noestheden.

3 Works by John Noestheden, 2009, silver crystals, acrylic, glue on paper 
From left to right:

1) Detail with False Colour Dense Field
2) Milky Way Mirror Thirty by Ten
3) Curve Set

Winsor Gallery Group Show is on until January 29, 2012
Winsor Gallery is pleased to present a selection of works by gallery artists, including Attila Richard Lukacs, Angela Grossmann, Allan Switzer and Trig Singer, Patrick Hughes, Brian Boulton, Paul Beliveau, Chris Jordan, Elizabeth Barnes, Brian Howell, John Noestheden, David Robinson, Thaddeus Howlonia, and Paul Wong.