20 Questions with Patrick Hughes

A great inside look into the process of an artist - 20 Questions with Patrick Hughes.

Jody Wilson conducted the interview over a two week span via email with Mr. Hughes and posts the results on his blog, Art Pieces, along with a very in-depth look at the career and works of the prolific artist.

Subjects touched on by the very frank Mr. Hughes range from the pioneering of his famous reverse perspective paintings to the French philosopher Michel Foucault, of whom Mr. Hughes exclaims, "I think the work of Michel Foucault is worth f**k all (that's a pun)."

On his own work being compared to the Pop Art and Op Art movements of the 1960's (Mr. Hughes has referenced Andy Warhol in recent paintings), Mr. Hughes is rather unabashed in stating that his work needs no such labels: "My work is so good that it does not need an umbrella; it can stand the full light of the sun."  His work is certainly something to admire, from the colourful art-historical references to the addictive optical illusion created by his Reverspective constructions, Mr. Hughes is a master of his own style.

A selection of amazing reverse perspective paintings by Patrick Hughes can be viewed all summer here at Winsor Gallery, as part of our Summer Group Show, an exhibition of works by gallery artists.

Patrick Hughes, Brilliancy (2008), oil on board construction, 46 x 81 x 29 cm

Follow this link to view the full interview with Patrick Hughes: